Cinema Bizarre ♥

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itsladybizarre-deactivated20140 asked: Hey there :) I just wanted to say ' thank you ' for creating this awesome blog :)

Aw, and thank you for being one of the many amazing fans of this band :D

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theodette asked: Hi. I've been away from this fandom for a while. I used to love Luminor more than anything.. do you know what's going on with him? :)

I’m sorry I don’t know what’s going on with him currently. The last thing I was able to find about him was him singing sometime in March 2013 :[ that’s all I know.

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Anonymous asked: Did you know about Strify's new album coming soon? It's called 'Illusion' and I'm so excited :D

Yes, of course :) I’m looking forward to the album release

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Anonymous asked: I'm so glad that you didn't close this blog like other fans do. I'm also happy that there are people who still remember about old CB times. Thanks :)

Even if I don’t post often this blog will never close :)